Staffing Services in Quincy, Illinois and Beyond

Staffing companies have evolved since the first service opened over 60 years ago. Among several reasons, this is due to the growing understanding that the right people can be worth far more than their pay grade. Exceptional talent can generate cutting edge solutions, ramp up productivity and accelerate business development.

Inter-Connect’s mission is to create leading innovations in the staffing industry. Since 1995, we have worked to connect companies throughout the Tri-State area with the best people and a range of tailored solutions for many of their human capital challenges.

Why Inter-Connect?

Customization. We never presume to know your needs or think of your company as anything but unique. Instead, we value collaboration and build a customized service around your individual requirements.

Speed and Lowered Total Costs. Through targeted recruiting strategies, advanced processing systems/technologies and an extensive candidate database, we have the tools to provide more efficient workforce solutions.

Superior Talent. The best talent allows companies to gain a critical competitive edge and the performance difference between poor, average and superior can be dramatic. Our prime focus is to ensure your company can find, hire, and retain the most qualified people.

Expertise. Inter-Connect was founded in 1995 with decades of specialized legal and corporate HR experience. Building on this background, our services have been further honed by 20 years of direct staffing experience.

Compliance. All of our services are integrated with leading understandings on legal/regulatory compliance.

Guarantee Periods. We are confident in our services and committed to a positive end result. This is why Inter-Connect offers a guarantee period for every person placed through us.

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